A beautiful bedroom can seem to be a real luxury, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be achieved, with a little planning and some careful shopping.

Dream time bedrooms

Most children, but especially little girls, have desires for bedrooms in a particular style. It can be a princess bedroom in pink, or a wizard’s den decorated with stars. As we grow older, our goals may get sidetracked as we concentrate on finding jobs and homes and there might not be time for making the bedroom that matches our dreams. It might seem a bit of a luxury when there’s a kitchen to be stocked with food and the living room gets more use so it should come first. By the time we get to looking at our bedroom, we may have run out of energy. But this shouldn’t be the case. This is the place that greets us each morning as we wake and the place we rest in before sleep each evening. A room whose appearance doesn’t give us pleasure won’t welcome us to the day.

Planning the room

It is possible to create a dream bedroom without spending lots of money. A little forward planning and an eye for detail go a long way to achieving the required look. What is there in the bedroom that works, that already has the right look? Think of small items, such as an ornament or a glass vase, as well as the expensive things like the bed and floor covering. What definitely needs replacing? What is the desired look? Something rustic with stripped floor boards and white bed linen, pale curtains that will filter the light? Or Hollywood drama, with gilt framed mirrors, curtains and bed linen in deep colours, purples, midnight blue. If changing bed linen, then look for cheap bedding uk. The chosen style can be from any time, any place in the world, or indeed, out of this world. The only restriction, as they say, is in the imagination.

Start decorating

It may not be possible to have the entire room done in the chosen style; finances may restrict it. But a few well chosen items should transform any bedroom room. Think walls, floor and bed linen. These are the items which may cost more, but will last. There are suppliers selling affordable items, for instance inexpensive curtains or cheap bedding uk is readily available and can have a big impact on a room. A duvet in blues and whites with a pale blue colour washed floor can bring a seaside feel to a room. A bed throw in rich purple velvet, a deep pile carpet and dark walls can bring Hollywood into the room. Don’t forget detail: gilt paint added to a bed frame or to door handles on wardrobes and sets of drawers may be the finishing touch.

Charity shops are a good source of unusual items which may bring the finishing touch to a room. A great picture frame but with a different picture might be just the thing. Look for wall hangings brought back from exotic holidays that didn’t find a place in the buyer’s house, or large bowls or chamber pots that will act as plant containers.


Pam Johnson writes regularly on interior design for a range of websites and bogs. She is interested in making beautiful rooms from recycled items and using inexpensive furnishings such as curtains and cheap bedding uk wide.

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